Reno Diagnostic Center 3T MRI


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Reno Diagnostic Center 3T MRI
Reno, NV

Delivery Method: Design Build

Completion Date: 2006 January

Description: Installed GE 3.0T Sigma Excite HD MRI to replace 1.5T MRI. Included modifications to existing power distribution system for equipment. Modified and improved cable raceway system. Provided necessary rigging, installation, and piping for GE provided chillers. Made mechanical upgrades to accommodate new suite layout. Furnished and installed new stainless steel cryogen exhaust vent, extended chilled water supply, and return lines to equipment. Furnished and installed complete RF Shield System. Modified existing RF shield to create a storefront display to restore and retain special geodesic dome structure—the RDC trademark and corporate logo. Provided fire penetration protection on all new penetrations on existing rated walls. Added all finishes and casework and a control window to match adjacent Open MRI control.

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