David Grant Medical Center Cath Lab

Interventional Radiography

David Grant Medical Center Cath Lab
Travis Air Force Base, CA

Delivery Method: Design Build

Completion Date: 2011 April

A 1,000-square-foot remodel of Cath Lab Suite to accommodate installation of Philips Allura Biplane FD/20/10. Enlarged the control room, creating a stand-alone equipment closet and a complete refinish of the treatment room. Suite finishes included all new casework, specialized modular storage solutions, epoxy paint, flooring, and lighting. Electrical work included conduit and conductors throughout suite, new nurse call, and code blue. Installed desk-mounted intercom in the control room and microphone and overhead speaker in Cath Lab. Upgraded and modified HVAC and control systems. Supplemental cooling added for the equipment room to accommodate the added heat load. Installed and modified fire sprinklers and relocated fire alarm devices as necessary based on room layout. Provided stainless steel med gas pedestal in middle of room with integrated hemodynamic monitory.

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