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Colin Construction Company is building on D.R.E.A.M.S. - one project at a time. From concept to completion, Colin Construction Company is your DREAM builder. In addition to our core values, we operate and keep the following in mind when offering our services. Let the Colin Dream Team take care of you on your next medical upgrade and renovation.


Our teamwork approach to help deliver the project on time and on budget:

  • Time and cost savings for our customers is on top of our list.
  • We work with clients’ budgets and target dates to provide a cost-effective project plan compared to the traditional alternatives by involving the Client early in design stage to enable us to minimize changes once construction begins.

Ultimately, we want to shorten the duration of the construction project and maintain completion schedule, so the client can return to normal operations and to treating patients. Ask us about our “quick install approach” (530) 272-3357 or ContactUs@colincc.com.


Working in a sensitive medical environment, we respect our clients’ workplace and are mindful of patients and staff safety. We aim to minimize disruptions for continual facility operations and services.

  • We devote personal attention to each of our projects, anticipating and quickly responding to client’s needs by keeping end-users in mind.
  • Safety for our workers and our jobsites is a top priority. Bottom line, we implement stringent infection control criteria to effectively contain noise, construction debris, dust, and emissions.

If you’re planning for your next equipment upgrade and renovation and have concerns about how construction can affect your facilities’ safety and infection control policies, contact us (530) 272-3357 or ContactUs@colincc.com. Let our Safety Program Coordinator earn your trust and give you peace of mind. We’ll introduce you to our IIPP/Health Safety Environmental Program.


We are comfortable with multiple occupancy settings. We practice innovative efficiency and listen to our client's needs. With lean and sustainable practices in mind, we submit simple succinct plans to streamline process. Plan review time can be reduced by as much as 20 percent.

  • We can provide turnkey solutions with our relationships with the equipment vendors<LINK>. We partner with them through continued education programs to ensure we are up-to date with all requirements, such as shielding and structural requirements of all modalities and their infrastructures.

Ask us about our mobile modality solutions. An alternative trend that we’ve been offering to our clients is modular modalities: mobile MRIs, CTs, PETs, PET/CTs, Cath Labs, etc. are fast becoming alternatives for healthcare providers who may not have the ability/time/funds to remodel an existing hospital structure. This Colin Construction service enables our clients to start new or add to existing diagnostic imaging, radiology, and nuclear medicine services. (530) 272-3357 or ContactUs@colincc.com


We are advocates in fighting cancer and heart disease. Our general well-being is important to living a healthy lifestyle and one should have options and quality healthcare close to home.

  • We believe that the most advanced technology equipment, medical services, and treatments currently available should be present in the communities that we serve. At the end of the day, this is ultimately what hits home for us.

Ask us about interventional suites, cancer centers, and oncology modalities that are currently being installed in the spirit of this fight. (530) 272-3357 or ContactUs@colincc.com.


  • We are a motivated and experienced team. We hire work crews that bring their best to the table. Our history and relationships through the years with our design partners, vendors, and subcontractors has educated us. We know what to expect from each other and the teams' familiarity building projects together gives added value to our clients.
  • We strive to provide strategic and constructible solutions. Our success is motivated by asking the right questions and connecting with the right people to achieve them.

Get motivated! Call us for a chance to collaborate. (530) 272-3357 or ContactUs@colincc.com.


  • We provide excellent customer service. After a Colin Construction project is delivered, we don’t just walk away. We continue to be part of your team and are available through the application, training, commissioning, and warranty period of your equipment install.

We build on relationships to provide long-term support. We’d like to help you plan and expedite your next project. (530) 272-3357 or ContactUs@colincc.com.


As a company, we also strive to give back to the community and invest in our shared future. We encourage employees to find opportunities to organize/sponsor or participate in events that provide help and care to those in need.

Below are some of the organizations we’ve contributed our time to:

  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Nevada County
  • Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation
  • Several hospital foundation events supporting Life Saving, Life-Enhancing, Fight for Cancer, and Heart Healthy Programs
    • Golf and tennis tournaments supporting Save and Change Lives, Light Up a Life, Investment in Miracles Campaigns
    • Children’s Funds Campaigns: fundraising tied to medical research and financial assistance to children suffering from cancer who can’t afford their care treatments
    • Thunder Roads Campaign: life-changing recovery program for substance abuse for youth and families
    • Youth Bridge Campaign: mentoring and internship programs for at-risk youths enabling adolescents to complete high school and gain meaningful employment experience
  • Believer Cornerstone Membership for El Museo Mexicano’s La Campaña, the Mexican Museum Building Fund
  • Kellerman Foundation
  • Gold Country Dog Park Association
  • Boys and Girls Scouts of America
  • Eppies’ Race

We're always looking for ways to energize our network connections. Reach out to us for participation/planning for local community events or if you need sponsorship for a cause. 530) 272-3357 or ContactUs@colincc.com.