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This Delivery Method ensures team AND project success, delivering the highest and best value project for client. Mirroring our INTEGRATED DESIGN-BUILD practices, a single contract for owner, designers, and Colin Construction to share the risks and rewards of designing and building a project quicker and for a lower cost. Overall, the team dynamic benefits from the collaborative efforts of all involved—owners, designers, consultants, constructors, subcontractors, and suppliers.


  • Team established at inception of project. Early involvement of administrators/user groups, facilities management, equipment vendors, and state/local review agency.
  • Project goals are defined early, agreed upon and respected by all participants resulting to seamless project coordination from design to closeout. Owner involved in desired project performance goals that can include project capacity; energy performance; seismic performance of architectural, structural, and MEP systems; target equipment delivery date; vendor installation; and application/training/opening day.
  • Team’s ability to link schedule and proper construction phasing during design will provide efficiencies in labor procurement and subcontract administration.
  • Early ordering of materials and start date of fabrication from key trades is incorporated in design development as well.
  • Establishment of appropriate tools and technology available at the time (such as BIM) to maximize and visualize the use of space as well as its purpose and function for patients and care provider.